My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season”

I like the term “improvements season” – the transition from a pre-contest to post (physical) fitness contest or ‘off season’ is not always as straight forward as I think it will be sometimes… To elaborate, so much time and energy around the gym is allotted to the season ending finale with often a single focusContinue reading “My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season””

Cerebral Palsy – What have I Iost?

My two little girls have, at various times asked me in that direct, curious way they would with anything that fascinates them “Daddy, what’s it like having one smaller hand?”…. In some ways it’s easy to answer as I don’t know any different. You could argue that a different path has been forged for meContinue reading “Cerebral Palsy – What have I Iost?”

Building My Own Two Teams…

The opportunity to build and develop muscle has taken me to different places physically and mentally over the last few years. There are literally two sides to this story…My left side and right side. Generally, many people will enter a gym aware of a dominant side perhaps. The machines and equipment are likely set upContinue reading “Building My Own Two Teams…”

“Wait until you feel that roar of support….”

Togetherness. That was my overriding memory of those first few moments on stage four years ago. With encouragement from my new friends by my side, the crowd support, whether they were there for you or someone else, from the organisers, the crew – it all felt right. For a significant period of my life IContinue reading ““Wait until you feel that roar of support….””

Transforming Internal battles with Disability. So much more than acceptance…

Into my mid 30’s, I’m able to reflect on a deeper level of understanding growing up with a disability with more 3 decades behind me with Cerebral Palsy. The battles to prove to yourself that you can find ways or use something to ‘normalise’ the external surrounding, my ‘stubbornness’ of over 7 years of notContinue reading “Transforming Internal battles with Disability. So much more than acceptance…”

A Physical, mental, emotional lift…

A release… With a deep breath I headed back to the gym – a little excited, a tad nervous wondering if anything had changed… Then the door was opened for a return… Followed with gratitude – smiling, familiar faces – Staff. Friends. People generally just so happy to back. It is actually quite difficult toContinue reading “A Physical, mental, emotional lift…”

Trying my best to lock down a temporary routine…

This is hard. It’s difficult to put into words how to feel during a lockdown, this being the 3rd time in a year. Hard, not only to just express how you’re taking this all in but also without feeling a sense that on one side, there are other people suffering and I should be gratefulContinue reading “Trying my best to lock down a temporary routine…”