Your Disability. Your talent. 🎉

Converting a dislike of my disability to acceptance & love. I disliked my hand, couldn’t see it, would hide it, cover it (wanted it gone at one point). It was different, and at particular age, that is singled out…but I ask this looking back…for who? BUT NOW! more than EVER, I see it as oneContinue reading “Your Disability. Your talent. 🎉”

The Wood from the trees…

There are so many conflicting opinions about what is best for your goal, the diet, weight loss, muscle building. Finding the answers to all of the above won’t be found in one article, one day or even from one person. The initial steps to your goal are significant ones to take, but I’ve (eventually) foundContinue reading “The Wood from the trees…”

Use what you can…A new concept?

We started with nothing. Before we took the gym membership, what access did we have? before we started reading the books, what knowledge had we gained? There’s that delicate balance of not spending too long looking back on what was, searching for what could be better and being present to what is front of youContinue reading “Use what you can…A new concept?”

Taking Home Adaptions Back to the Gym…

After months of trying to figure out and adapt training at home, it was all back..not just the rack or the leg press, but ankles straps & wrist assisted cable crossovers – the items that had become a path through the obstacles when trying to train particular muscle groups. Yes, it has great to haveContinue reading “Taking Home Adaptions Back to the Gym…”