Doing what I can but also exploring “what can I do?”

There has been an acceptance from myself that have to do things differently from many people. It’s a mental attitude picked up from an early age that I had to find alternative routes with things, so doing that in the gym wasn’t alien to me. That being said, it was notion having to find myContinue reading “Doing what I can but also exploring “what can I do?””

Finding Resilience and adding it to my programme…

There have been many reasons why I wanted to get into fitness over the years. I remember my own journey starting just after Christmas 2013, so rather than scoff at “New Year” posts, I love seeing and engaging with the positivity from the drive that people have. I believe it’s takes courage to not onlyContinue reading “Finding Resilience and adding it to my programme…”

The 2022 Plan? Keep on tweaking the plan!

There are so many objectives ahead in 2022, more family activities, plans to get bigger physically , career development, sharing more stories, get more sleep, it could be literally endless… The issue I’ve realised at the turn of the year reflections is that I can’t cram it into 30 days, nor do I want someContinue reading “The 2022 Plan? Keep on tweaking the plan!”