Lights, Camera, Adaption!

Reminders of why I compete… This weekend, the collective atmosphere, energy and general vibe at FITX were all reminders to me as to why I compete in Bodybuilding. I love the community feel within bodybuilding – being able to meet with as many friends as I could, meet new ones and having the opportunity toContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Adaption!”

Managing My Energy / Fatigue (with CP) Close to Show Day….

I’ve become more aware of my energy levels upon discovering research that cerebral palsy can lead to more fatigue, particularly toward the end of the day. This has explained a lot in my youth – I’ve gained more knowledge in this area as I aged and now have a lot of lived experience with howContinue reading “Managing My Energy / Fatigue (with CP) Close to Show Day….”

Working with what I have…

As readers of this blog will already know, I love experimenting in the gym. Tweaking & testing new techniques that may open up a new angle to a muscle, particularly with my left side (my CP side). That being said, I also try and double down on what movements I know work. This is whereContinue reading “Working with what I have…”

More Tailored Adaptions…

I went to the Naidex conference this past month, designed around accessibility, disability & inclusion, meeting so many people in the process, doing amazing work. I tried new adaptions via the exhibitor space that have could have potential enhance elements of my gym training. It was so good to see a variety of adaptive piecesContinue reading “More Tailored Adaptions…”

Finding Purpose to Break my own Barriers…

Growing up I felt like I ‘should’ have been able to fit into a mould, Which through my cerebral palsy, I feel like I wasn’t able to, in many parts and I was left feeling quite isolated in many ways. It wasn’t until years later that I realised that I am not made to fitContinue reading “Finding Purpose to Break my own Barriers…”

I wasn’t built for this – or was I?

By all accounts the outlook wasn’t exactly all positive in my early days. Told that you wouldn’t run and have great challenges doesn’t leave you bouncing for joy. Often thoughts of joining a gym & being able to ‘put on some muscle’ up to my early 20’s, were overshadowed by doubt from the ever presentContinue reading “I wasn’t built for this – or was I?”

Can we begin again?

I love new starts… Moreover, I love to renew a challenge, particularly in reference to my training. I always believe there’s new ground to made on programmes or phases within my exercise selection. Finding a consistency has, I found, been hugely beneficial. Yet, making time to experiment has been the catalyst to discovering new waysContinue reading “Can we begin again?”

Disability Bodybuilding in 2023 – A year full of Opportunity!

The year ahead is building toward a 12 month period full of opportunity across the UK & beyond for the mixed disability category in bodybuilding. Fresh off a great number of shows in 2022 which included a calendar packed with regional qualifiers, new opportunities such as The PCA Universe, The FITXPo in Liverpool in theContinue reading “Disability Bodybuilding in 2023 – A year full of Opportunity!”

What path will my mobility take?

I’ve long accepted the structure I have is different. The practice of testing my individual endurance and ability to mould into better shape for my health is a test that I also love to explore. Questioning ‘can this be different/better?’ I discovered isn’t an unhealthy position I once thought it was. I’m not ashamed ofContinue reading “What path will my mobility take?”

The Inbuilt Joy of Discovery…

One the single BEST things I love about the gym is the new discoveries. The previous hurdle thought unattainable, conquered by trial and error. The patience to keep trying even when you fall over. The repetition until you finally find the way, it’s all in the discovery. Looking back, some expectations were low with certainContinue reading “The Inbuilt Joy of Discovery…”