CP Awareness: Working with, around and through CP in fitness

The reality is, I’m getting older! There’s an acknowledgement on my part that my muscles on both sides will need more attention, but in different ways for different outcomes. I’ve become aware of greater emphasis on looking after my joints throughout my life but to also continue to protect my muscle development too. Throughout myContinue reading “CP Awareness: Working with, around and through CP in fitness”

How to extend your bounce…

Everything is clicking into place, ideas are flowing & fast you’re picking up momentum. Wouldn’t this be great all day? Have you got that one period of time when you get a run of creativity – what drives that? Is there is anything in that environment that allows or encourages that to happen – OnContinue reading “How to extend your bounce…”

What Next??? Remaining in the 5am Club Post Comp

Whilst I have a few training sessions left leading up to the PCA Finals in Birmingham, some have asked what next? After effectively being in a competition prep stage for 6 months, the first thing to address is a rest. I have gladly put my body through a gruelling pattern of training and it doesContinue reading “What Next??? Remaining in the 5am Club Post Comp”

5/6/7/8am Steps to Success

Step to it! (Yes I grew up in the 90’s/2000’s – BUT no I haven’t got a reunion tour ticket) I’m talking about how people start their day… I’ve been taking onboard lots of differing opinions of what folks go for in the mornings to start their day, successful business people, athletes etc. There areContinue reading “5/6/7/8am Steps to Success”

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….

That’s right folks, it’s a key part of the prep to get your skin ready for the show tan which makes perfect sense. Little did I think I’d be going out and buying a body scrub & butter when I started the journey 18 months ago. There have been elements of detail on this rideContinue reading “Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….”