What Next??? Remaining in the 5am Club Post Comp

Whilst I have a few training sessions left leading up to the PCA Finals in Birmingham, some have asked what next? After effectively being in a competition prep stage for 6 months, the first thing to address is a rest. I have gladly put my body through a gruelling pattern of training and it doesContinue reading “What Next??? Remaining in the 5am Club Post Comp”

BodyPower: The Lasting Memories…

Bodypower was so memorable, so much so that I’ve struggled to pitch where to start this write up but I want to complete this while its remains fresh so I’m just going for it! This year was going to be different from the start with the excitement & anticipation of competing on the Saturday. IContinue reading “BodyPower: The Lasting Memories…”

Getting Back Taste AND Time!

Actually prepping my nutrition isn’t the hard part. The knowledge & understanding of what’s right for your body has taken a lot of time & coaching – THAT has been the hardest transition mindset at the outset. The organisation of the different components requires discipline, patience and dash of multi-tasking (ok just the management ofContinue reading “Getting Back Taste AND Time!”

Disability, Bullying & Bodybuilding Presentations…

So the hard work is done? It’s only the beginning in so many more ways than one! OK, for one my training is continuing to prep for further bodybuilding events until 11th June, however there is a bigger picture on the horizon. I want to inspire, to build upon my own journey and help others,Continue reading “Disability, Bullying & Bodybuilding Presentations…”