Stepping up & eating everything on the plate!

It’s about time I posted an update, it’s been a few weeks! Training has stepped up a level. I feel I’ve had the knowledge set by set and my macros were good, however, I wanted to see if I could focus on increasing my weight and muscle mass. I’m at the stage where I canContinue reading “Stepping up & eating everything on the plate!”

What Hemiplegia means to me…

For @Hemihelp’s Hemiplegia Awareness Week, here is my Acrostic piece… Hemiplegia… Has been a challenge, but we all have different challenges in life, my hemiplegia is just one to meet, others have bigger obstacles Even though it was tough growing up with a “different looking hand” I realised by adulthood that your personality defines you,Continue reading “What Hemiplegia means to me…”