My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season”

I like the term “improvements season” – the transition from a pre-contest to post (physical) fitness contest or ‘off season’ is not always as straight forward as I think it will be sometimes… To elaborate, so much time and energy around the gym is allotted to the season ending finale with often a single focusContinue reading “My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season””

Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?

In more ways than one… Being physically flexible has presented its challenges through the years, learning there are just some things that (I physically) cannot do! However, that doesn’t distract from the shining light of CAN be done, it’s the never ending search to find the way. “Traditionally” playing the guitar for one (I justContinue reading “Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?”

Adapting – Doing it again and again!

Back in January, I posted about “Adapting through Fear”. Recalling experiences about struggling when trying to get around equipment training a few years back. It was daunting, scary & I felt vulnerable. I delved into those moments you realise that everyone is pushing to achieve their own goals, fine tune their own habits but inContinue reading “Adapting – Doing it again and again!”