The long road from frustration to alternative workouts…

I first entered a gym full of thoughts of the limitations, of what I couldn’t do. I would go around and take machines & even whole areas off my list of things, never thinking I would be able to use them.It was a long page! free weights, Barbell Cable cross with both handles. You nameContinue reading “The long road from frustration to alternative workouts…”

“I’m not broken”

“What’s wrong with your hand?” Why do you have a limp?” Yes, all questions posed to me when I was younger with CP. when I came into this world I didn’t know I had a disability, it was through those conversations I was told there was big differences. Differences that brought questions, some just purelyContinue reading ““I’m not broken””

My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season”

I like the term “improvements season” – the transition from a pre-contest to post (physical) fitness contest or ‘off season’ is not always as straight forward as I think it will be sometimes… To elaborate, so much time and energy around the gym is allotted to the season ending finale with often a single focusContinue reading “My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season””

The building of previously unknown resilience…

I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP), something which I couldn’t prevent, change or know any different from. Learning how to do simple tasks were tackled in one dimension, the way I could and “adapt” around. Looking back now, the big challenges & hurdles faced were not, in reality, about me being able to doContinue reading “The building of previously unknown resilience…”

Could chef please cut my food? Disability, Access & Opportunity…

I didn’t want special treatment, just access to know where to get help when required… I can’t tell you a definitive time when I fully embraced my disability, I grew up with negative connotations of my ability, self imposed limitations resulted in thoughts such as “well, I’ll never be a brain surgeon with this” (togetherContinue reading “Could chef please cut my food? Disability, Access & Opportunity…”