Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….

That’s right folks, it’s a key part of the prep to get your skin ready for the show tan which makes perfect sense. Little did I think I’d be going out and buying a body scrub & butter when I started the journey 18 months ago. There have been elements of detail on this rideContinue reading “Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….”

Routine, Meditation, Education…

I identified two problems I wanted to solve recently which I hoped, once answered, would provide me with more energy and knowledge! Plain and simply… 1) I needed more sleep. 2) I wanted to get back to my objective of investing in reading a ‘book a month’ to enhance my knowledge & well being. MyContinue reading “Routine, Meditation, Education…”

Changing The Diet – Part 2 – Spicy Taste Buds!

A common misconception of my diet is that it’s boring – chicken, more chicken, broccoli & sweet potato. And yes, the aforementioned does hold a particular key place in my meals, but it doesn’t have to taste the same day in day out….That would be zzzzz – and a complaint why some couldn’t stick toContinue reading “Changing The Diet – Part 2 – Spicy Taste Buds!”

Changing The Diet – Creating The Habit – Part 1

I’ve become increasingly fascinated how my diet affects not just on my body as a whole but particularly on my gut – Stay with me on this, it’s not as bad as it sounds. A few years back, I couldn’t really do breakfast. Occasional cornflakes or a croissant, that was all I could stomach, IContinue reading “Changing The Diet – Creating The Habit – Part 1”