My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season”

I like the term “improvements season” – the transition from a pre-contest to post (physical) fitness contest or ‘off season’ is not always as straight forward as I think it will be sometimes… To elaborate, so much time and energy around the gym is allotted to the season ending finale with often a single focusContinue reading “My Physical and Mental Fitness “Improvements Season””

Motivation Mountains – Breaking down goals into mini movements

We have big goals and dreams. Some will be in touching distance, others maybe so far away that they barely seem reachable….for now. I try to work and improve on my thinking a little more every year when attempting new goals – from my gym work, my career and wider changes. It’s always a learningContinue reading “Motivation Mountains – Breaking down goals into mini movements”

Bringing early physio lessons with me into later life…

Cerebral Palsy Physio Appointments. They started from early but I recall them from about the age of 5/6 onwards…. So picking up around 1991/2…8am. Another appointment at The General. Missing the start of school. Month after month. Assessment after assessment. Stretching, pulling this way & that. Checks. Measurements. More checks. This was a monthly (sometimesContinue reading “Bringing early physio lessons with me into later life…”

A Beginning – The Journey into Bodybuilding with a Disability…

Here’s the start of a new series going back over and reviewing that spark that ignited my journey from the gym to the stage… Taking off my self imposed bubble wrap… Reminiscing through some competition photos from the fantastic Shotshoots (Give Fivos a follow!) it keeps the desire burning for future comps – Surfacing questionsContinue reading “A Beginning – The Journey into Bodybuilding with a Disability…”

The day is long, but the ‘dream’ is BIG…

4.30 -The alarm goes off, no fancy fanfare, just the time that I’ve become accustomed to waking. The reason? Born from a desire to fit my physical training BEFORE work so I can see my family later in the day, making it the ideal time to get up.  The difference in making time as opposedContinue reading “The day is long, but the ‘dream’ is BIG…”

Finding more time, with ‘less of it…’

On the one hand, I’m ‘busier’ than ever…I’m a Daddy of 2 girls, Husband, Marketing Manager and in my ‘spare time’ I compete in disability bodybuilding competitions… I also want to meditate & write daily – plus read a book a month. I had written these goals down a while back as a result ofContinue reading “Finding more time, with ‘less of it…’”