A Beginning – The Journey into Bodybuilding with a Disability…

Here’s the start of a new series going back over and reviewing that spark that ignited my journey from the gym to the stage… Taking off my self imposed bubble wrap… Reminiscing through some competition photos from the fantastic Shotshoots (Give Fivos a follow!) it keeps the desire burning for future comps – Surfacing questionsContinue reading “A Beginning – The Journey into Bodybuilding with a Disability…”

Disability & The Creativity On The Path

There sometimes appears to be apparent awkwardness towards “inspiration” and disability – it can generate quite a wide range of views on it – inspiring others “despite of” or “overcoming adversity” seems to stir opinion. Here is my take on it. For me, inspiration is an appreciation from others of the creativity shown through theContinue reading “Disability & The Creativity On The Path”