Classical, Waves & Bagpipes!!

I have been experimenting with different methods of meditation over the last few weeks – apps, video, audio of guided lessions & types of music – as well good old silence. What I have found is there isn’t (for me at least) a one size fits all model to mediation – there are many approachesContinue reading “Classical, Waves & Bagpipes!!”

The Bristol Disabled Bodybuilder Tour!!

Having competed for the 1st time in April at the PCA Saxon Classic, placing 3rd and receiving an invite to the British Finals in June, my love for the sport is as strong as ever & my journey has grown! The desire to get on stage in Stafford for the Saxon was indeed intended toContinue reading “The Bristol Disabled Bodybuilder Tour!!”

Finding the mood? From classical to heavy rock…

I posed a question earlier… “Do you let music dictate your mood or your mood dictate your music?” It’s an interesting one as I sometimes want music to a) inspire me – when training for example – the right tune can definitely impact the velocity I feel in an opening lift. Other times I knowContinue reading “Finding the mood? From classical to heavy rock…”

“Limiting Self-Belief”…

Self Belief… It’s a challenge for everyone at some point. I have had to manage massive doubts – a lack of confidence, uncertainly, fear of feeling am I good enough? I think it came from a personal pressure of not having ‘experience’. How could I hold crediability without experience? Eventually, the penny dropped – howContinue reading ““Limiting Self-Belief”…”

Resting Resting 1 2 3…

Taking stock where you want to go is as good as the delivery of action. “Rest day”* presented itself with two opportunities… 1) The need to food prep the night before as with the rest of the week could be relaxed AND 2) The mechanical alarm didn’t need to be set A 9 hour sleepContinue reading “Resting Resting 1 2 3…”