The growing opening of opportunities for the disabled community…

It can get better, I know. There is so much growth in this space to push and achieve. It’s been too long to turn around many issues on numerous occasions through the years..


There is a movement, a number of people and organisations that are spearheading some fantastic opportunities for the disabled community and/or continue to break barriers on a wider scale which reach society further and provide support to bridge gaps they need to be altered.

Yes, there are many gaps still to explore and solve, but it is getting better. I say this as I build a social media feed full of empowering people with a disability and the changes that are being made, brilliant organisations and individuals driving things forward.

I love to fill my feed with news and updates from the likes of…

The Valuable 500 – The global movement putting disability on the business leadership agenda.

Zebedee – A modelling agency representing people with disabilities


Sophie Butler, an amazing GymShark athlete helping empower women and social change…

James Sutliffe – Disability specialist coach…helping so many people with their goals.

Give them a follow!

So while Yes, there are difficult discussions and challenges to have today and ahead, there is also so much good being done, action being taken, It’s important to survey the great work driving change right now.

Thank you to everyone making a difference, it means so much!

Chipping Away…

As with most of previous ‘preps’ for a competition, the onus has been on those last few defining elements of the hard work put in during the last few weeks and months.

Maybe specific areas to focus on, definition, sharpness, conditioning but I’ve also found myself chipping away at many elements that reflect a collective part of the whole process….

Trying to continually sharpen my knowledge of my body. Chipping away at the depths of my understanding. What does it to react during this period? It’s understood that tiredness can play a part in prep but as with CP it tends to creep in earlier and managing it on a day to day.

I’ve been privileged to do a number of shows over the last few years and each present it’s own challenges. I want to try new exercises often, with that brings some barriers to navigate to make them effective and the need to study my approach to some pieces of equipment.

There is a balance I feel between being in a place where everyone has the same availability of equipment in the gym but also having to look at the ways I have to adapt to each piece. It’s quite the conundrum at times but, in quirky way, I love it. It challenges me mentally as well as physically starting an initial thought process of ‘how the hell can I use this’ to identifying the best use for the targeted muscle area.

This is what I mean by “chipping away” the consistent process of working out what is best to get THE BEST for your body and mind in line with your goals that you have set.

The Stage – Before, During & Beyond…

I absolutely love bodybuilding shows. I love my time on stage, however I also try to totally immerse myself in the whole experience throughout a weekend.

If I’m competing (like I did this past weekend in Birmingham) I find myself preparing hour by hour from about 2 days out to the time our category is called up.

After which is also a great time to stay around to learn from others. Generally speaking the disability class tends to be toward the start of day so there’s a lot to think about in the evening before / morning of. I thrive best when I prepare so knowing where I’m at is key.

Having been in the sport for 5/6 years now I’ve developed some great relationships around the shows and what is lovely is that there’s always opportunities to meet new people too and develop some great friendships year after year – it’s such a vibrant experience so it’s always worth soaking up this atmosphere.

The PCA Midlands was another great event. I was back in Birmingham for they first time since before the pandemic, experiencing the familiar surroundings and catching up with friends just added to the occasion. The show itself was superb, full of encouragement, positivity and energy and as always an opportunity to learn and develop.

Grateful as ever for the opportunity to compete with federations offering a disability class – it provides great accessibility and diversity in the sport we love.

Securing a 1st place and an invite to the British Finals served up the icing on the cake but the memories will also be one of a celebration of many friends who either competed, met back up again and rejoiced that bodybuilding is back again this year and it’s better than ever!

Back to the Show Day Podcast

It’s a special episode this week as I take you through some highlights from last weekends Bodybuilding Show!

1st up it’s the FIT X Federation South Coast in Bournemouth – really thankful for an opportunity to compete not too far to go – and it proved be a fabulous weekend – meeting up with friends, making new ones and even dinner with my Brother whom I hadn’t seen in 2 years!

More to come this week as I head to Birmingham for the PCA, again I can’t wait to see some old friends and get my trunks on again to promote disability Bodybuilding!

Thanks as ever for listening hope you enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

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Taking in Show Day!!

For me, when it comes to a show, it’s the cherry on top of the work that has been put in during the proceeding weeks and month. With our latest content being the week leading into an event, I’ve penned some thoughts as to the actual show days themselves.

Early to Rise….

Quite typically I don’t get always get a great nights sleep the evening before. Now, I know this doesn’t sound like a great kick off but there are some factors that balance this and some practical ones too!

One is bedding! I always take my own to a hotel in case the base tan runs and to keep myself cool but mainly it’s running over the following day trying to get my head in the right frame but the other factor also the excitement of the morning ahead.

I was always want to wake early ahead of the top coat of tan, more often than not the disability category is near the start of the show so getting to the venue early is the norm, which I like as it sets the day up nicely.

The objective for me after the top coat is to find some quiet space, a walk, a podcast, grabbing some food prepared and taking in the surroundings.

From 9ish I’ll grab a espresso then just take in the buzz from the venue, it slowly builds and it’s nice to see who is competing so it’s great to connect with some fellow competitors, whilst being respectful of those who just want time to themselves of course.

Sussing where you need to be and when for a pre contest pump up and readiness to hit the stage all calms those nerves so getting to the athletes meeting no matter how many times I’ve competed is essential.

Time to shine…

Time on stage seems to goes quick even though I know we’re typically up there for a while, I’ve never felt rushed which is fab – all competitors will get their time to hit their poses and try to soak it all in.

Post category…

I love my time on stage – the build up, meeting friends again but I always loving staying for the rest of show if I can. I may be done but I want to learn, to meet & support those in other categories If capacity allows – it’s a bodybuilding show after all – I see it as an incredible learning tool!

Yes I’ll get myself a post stage treat but I love watching the celebrations, the effort and guidance being provided – it’s an inspiring place to be!

The journey home…

A great time to reflect, to take stock and to gather myself ready for the next challenge!!

Sharing Bodybuilding Comp Lessons!

With the Bodybuilding season in full swing, I’ve found a list I made a couple of years ago which helped so much for future shows that took in all the info from previous first few events in the days leading into & during the shows that saved a lot of time! Here are some lessons from those first few comps…

💪Create a specific folder in your inbox for all the details for your competition, payments made, timings, music, hotel confirmations etc ✉️

💪Make a list of all food and liquids needed for the trip, the day before, during and post comp (planning this helps particularly when competing on a Sunday with shops potentially open later, you need to plan ahead)🍴

💪Take double of EVERYTHING – (e.g side story….honey dripping from a rice cake didn’t create a great look on my trunks that one time! 😂)🍯😳

💪Pack spare bedsheets for the night before after your base tan🛏

💪If you can, go for a walk to the venue the day before….it takes that stress away on show day knowing the best route there

💪Check out Parking before getting to the area….again takes a lot of stress away🚘

💪Everyone will have their own approach in the morning of…some will be buzzing, others nervous, everyone will have a different routine going into it😀

💪Enjoy it!

PS 💪 remember where you parked!!🤔

PPS 💪 Write down your experiences from the that show, to look back, lessons for next time, what went well etc📒

Rest and knowing when to take it….

As much as it’s difficult to admit on occasions, fatigue does creep up on me, it’s par for the course with cerebral palsy, though I only really discovered the reasons why much later in my 20’s.

Sometimes struggling through gym sessions or longer days, I do tend notice it towards the end of the day, be that through bigger limps or general fatigue. It was only recently I discovered it was in part due to the condition of having to expend more energy because of this. That being said, much like a large proportion of my life, it was a case of doing a bit more to bring myself up to a certain level without knowing it.

It just helps now to know this & gain a better understanding later in life, how manage it better and take the rest to gain more.

Scheduling times knowing what is ahead of me really aids the amount of energy likely to be required & once again make sure I have suitable nutrition to work alongside it.

It hasn’t fundamentally changed me but it’s the knowledge and working how to adapt that allows this to be planned for much better & ultimately a better quality of day.

This is particularly important when fitting in my training at the gym & getting the best from those sessions.

Today is my rest day…tomorrow we go again!

Best Wishes to our Paralympic Athletes!

Each putting their sport on the map…Again!

After the success of the Olympics, our summer of sport continues with the Paralympics launching in Tokyo this week.

I love the competition, the stories and team coming together throughout these weeks we are witnessing. I was massively inspired in 2012 & 2016 after these events, to try new things, to have a go and see how far I could push my body, to figure how to adapt to different sports and I credit a large amount of that to our athletes from both games for giving me that push…

Yes, I’ve documented my journey in bodybuilding but I’ve also taken on the Newport Velodrome where our Para athletes had been training before Rio. Check out the pics below…it is impressively steep!! PS THE BIKES ALSO HAVE NO BRAKES!!

Anyway, here’s to more adventure, success and enjoyment for all our athletes out in Japan!

Trying Everything…

About a decade has passed since I cautiously went into a gym with hardly any experience and pretty scared of the free weights section all those years ago.

It takes a while to familiarise yourself. With the equipment, the environment & the variations that can used for a variety of different goals.

Making a swift decision to want to try EVERYTHING in there ended up being worthwhile in the long one, taking the time to not just work out what was available but how to adapt with them.

That’s not to say I can use every piece as it should be used but taking the time to slowly unpick the equipment to isolate the muscle groups needed in my workout continues to pay off to this day.

Yes I have my favourite pieces of equipment and go-to’s on a weekly basis but the more variation available, the more fun can be had with different ranges!