CP Awareness: Long term thinking with CP

Into adulthood, I have developed a long term acceptance of the certain barriers I have to face day in day out. To the extent of having long term planning in place to ensure I’m aware of as many circumstances I may face down the line that I may need either help or assistance with.

Now, this isn’t to say that I’ve given up totally or I haven’t become frustrated that I can’t do something, but it’s taken decades to try and have mindset of looking more widely at adaptions and what is currently available. Questioning what is out there and how I can help, along with others to make that potential change happen. That’s a good investment of my time.

That said, I know from experience, it can be exhausting becoming frustrated by something longer term – but that’s not about me giving up, it’s learning to pivot to try and make something work for the circumstance I’m in…

A classic example of this was driving. Until I researched it, I didn’t quite know just how incredible it was that so much of one car can be adapted, in so many ways, for so many people. I want to thank those that fought for this or campaigned for changes, as I was left tired at the difficulties I faced with a manual car in my late teens.

Fast forward a decade, a conversation with an amazingly skilled, patient and connected driving instructor, I had a window on the possibilities of car adaptions. After a year of lessons, a connectable hand brake lever, a steering ball, I proudly drive an automatic.

This was long after thinking driving was out of reach. It has subsequently given me freedoms that I couldn’t imagine 15 years ago. Painfully, looking back it had been out there but I had taken years to turn my mindset and frustration because of the challenges of a manual.

That’s why social media is so good at connection. It can be incredible at idea sharing, connecting and making things more accessible than ever before. I’ve learnt so much about others experiences and journey, more about my own condition and giving me more hope of change, acceptance and inclusion in the years to come.

Long may that continue!!

Published by Matt Elson

Bringing you the latest in not only my personal journal into the world of disability Bodybuilding, but a discovery into latest events, profiles, news and promoting awareness of this great sport Based in Bristol in the UK, I’ve been competing in Disability Bodybuilding for the last 3 years in a journey which has taken me all over the country to national, international & world championships and I am so so grateful for that opportunity that had changed my life. Living with Cerebal Palsy has its challenges, but everyone has their individual hurdles to negotiate. Gaining strength both physically & mentally and adapting to the surrounding is all part of this journey. This is a mission to raise awareness, to promote our great category to develop opportunities for others. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss more!

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