Disability Bodybuilding in 2023 – A year full of Opportunity!

The year ahead is building toward a 12 month period full of opportunity across the UK & beyond for the mixed disability category in bodybuilding. Fresh off a great number of shows in 2022 which included a calendar packed with regional qualifiers, new opportunities such as The PCA Universe, The FITXPo in Liverpool in theContinue reading “Disability Bodybuilding in 2023 – A year full of Opportunity!”

Lessening The Impact…

As my training has developed over the years, the major hurdles that I’ve needed to change from a physical perspective has not only been working around “standard” equipment and being patient with learning what fits but to understand my body to greater degree as it gets older. What I have found much more recently isContinue reading “Lessening The Impact…”

Disability Fitness – Are we doing enough?

Accessibility Awareness Assistance Its a broad subject but it I’ll attempt to give my take and break some elements down with my experience and what I’ve found along the way. In a sense, what is enough? Is there a goal / a finish line? There are many pieces to this which not only makes itContinue reading “Disability Fitness – Are we doing enough?”

Transforming Internal battles with Disability. So much more than acceptance…

Into my mid 30’s, I’m able to reflect on a deeper level of understanding growing up with a disability with more 3 decades behind me with Cerebral Palsy. The battles to prove to yourself that you can find ways or use something to ‘normalise’ the external surrounding, my ‘stubbornness’ of over 7 years of notContinue reading “Transforming Internal battles with Disability. So much more than acceptance…”

Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?

In more ways than one… Being physically flexible has presented its challenges through the years, learning there are just some things that (I physically) cannot do! However, that doesn’t distract from the shining light of CAN be done, it’s the never ending search to find the way. “Traditionally” playing the guitar for one (I justContinue reading “Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?”

Could chef please cut my food? Disability, Access & Opportunity…

I didn’t want special treatment, just access to know where to get help when required… I can’t tell you a definitive time when I fully embraced my disability, I grew up with negative connotations of my ability, self imposed limitations resulted in thoughts such as “well, I’ll never be a brain surgeon with this” (togetherContinue reading “Could chef please cut my food? Disability, Access & Opportunity…”