Lights, Camera, Adaption!

Reminders of why I compete… This weekend, the collective atmosphere, energy and general vibe at FITX were all reminders to me as to why I compete in Bodybuilding. I love the community feel within bodybuilding – being able to meet with as many friends as I could, meet new ones and having the opportunity toContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Adaption!”

“I’m not broken”

“What’s wrong with your hand?” Why do you have a limp?” Yes, all questions posed to me when I was younger with CP. when I came into this world I didn’t know I had a disability, it was through those conversations I was told there was big differences. Differences that brought questions, some just purelyContinue reading ““I’m not broken””

A Beginning – The Journey into Bodybuilding with a Disability…

Here’s the start of a new series going back over and reviewing that spark that ignited my journey from the gym to the stage… Taking off my self imposed bubble wrap… Reminiscing through some competition photos from the fantastic Shotshoots (Give Fivos a follow!) it keeps the desire burning for future comps – Surfacing questionsContinue reading “A Beginning – The Journey into Bodybuilding with a Disability…”

Every Approach Is Unique…

Every approach is going to be unique. Physically, I have some different hurdles when bringing various sets into play in my gym, at home or just picking up a weight, but I know, the mindset and approach I can take to it is mine alone. What are your goals? What obstacles are at the gym?Continue reading “Every Approach Is Unique…”