Just getting started…

Well into my 30’s now, recovery times are even more crucial with my training, HOWEVER! I still feel we’re only just getting started.

I’ve been training consistently for around 8 years, but I’m still learning every day, I think that’s why I still love it. Training and bodybuilding is a world of discovery. As is my own disability, I’ve asked questions of it my whole life. I understood I have cerebral palsy, but I’m always asking what does it mean to me!

Take the trial and error of the gym. For YEARS I didn’t have the confidence to explore it, to push it and challenge and that was ok, I wasn’t ready – but then my what ifs turned into maybe if I tried this, someone with even more confidence asked me what if you tried that…

I took that advice and I’m trying to ask myself that to this day…

And I feel like I’m just getting started! There are more possibilities for growth, for exploration & for more accessibility every day!

Published by Matt Elson

Bringing you the latest in not only my personal journal into the world of disability Bodybuilding, but a discovery into latest events, profiles, news and promoting awareness of this great sport Based in Bristol in the UK, I’ve been competing in Disability Bodybuilding for the last 3 years in a journey which has taken me all over the country to national, international & world championships and I am so so grateful for that opportunity that had changed my life. Living with Cerebal Palsy has its challenges, but everyone has their individual hurdles to negotiate. Gaining strength both physically & mentally and adapting to the surrounding is all part of this journey. This is a mission to raise awareness, to promote our great category to develop opportunities for others. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss more!

2 thoughts on “Just getting started…

  1. It’s so inspiring that you’ve been training for so long, so diligently, in the face of your disability. Your blog is a treasure trove of wisdom and encouragement, and I’ll definitely be browsing it more in the coming days. Thanks for this, Matt!

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