Can we begin again?

I love new starts…

Moreover, I love to renew a challenge, particularly in reference to my training. I always believe there’s new ground to made on programmes or phases within my exercise selection.

Finding a consistency has, I found, been hugely beneficial. Yet, making time to experiment has been the catalyst to discovering new ways I can train with/around my cerebral palsy.

The scale of equipment I thought I’d be able to manage at the start of my journey 9 years ago was fairly limited.

What I found was this, it was limited due to my experience at that stage, what I needed was time, lots of it! 😀

To test, fail over and over. I needed to find ways to develop and discover that unique routine that can be built day by day.

So, with more gym goers starting this month – I always remember where I started – I was shy, nervous & unsure. Now, with 9 years experience – you’ll get a friendly hello from me – as I feel I’ve only just begun the journey myself!

Published by Matt Elson

Bringing you the latest in not only my personal journal into the world of disability Bodybuilding, but a discovery into latest events, profiles, news and promoting awareness of this great sport Based in Bristol in the UK, I’ve been competing in Disability Bodybuilding for the last 3 years in a journey which has taken me all over the country to national, international & world championships and I am so so grateful for that opportunity that had changed my life. Living with Cerebal Palsy has its challenges, but everyone has their individual hurdles to negotiate. Gaining strength both physically & mentally and adapting to the surrounding is all part of this journey. This is a mission to raise awareness, to promote our great category to develop opportunities for others. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss more!

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