Post-Lockdown – Moving back in, piece by piece…

We’re almost there. In just over a week the gyms in England will reopen. We’ve been here before, but as I found last time out, getting the routines back isn’t as easy as switching a light on… Here’s why (and what I’m planning next week) Back in June 2020, there was huge excitement – itsContinue reading “Post-Lockdown – Moving back in, piece by piece…”

Disability, Anxiety and Pressing through fear…

Fear… Of not doing it right… Of Breaking something…. Of failing… All things that I encountered at the gym, entering a competition, up on stage, travelling to do it internationally – at every stage, fear was there. In some ways, that was what made me do it. There were concerns, of course – there’s theContinue reading “Disability, Anxiety and Pressing through fear…”

Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?

In more ways than one… Being physically flexible has presented its challenges through the years, learning there are just some things that (I physically) cannot do! However, that doesn’t distract from the shining light of CAN be done, it’s the never ending search to find the way. “Traditionally” playing the guitar for one (I justContinue reading “Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?”

Finding the one thing…

Finding that one thing you can do, be it part of a routine, throughout any tier – be that at gym, or at home to keep a sense of a habit can really really help. During lockdowns, different tiers/levels and restrictions I’ve tried so many different things to test new habits or work out adaptionsContinue reading “Finding the one thing…”

How can Technology help Disability Fitness in the gym

Access is getting better and great commitments have been made across the fitness industry to cater for all abilities, from people at the start of their fitness journey to those some way down the road. However, how much further can it go and how? By this I reflect back to how far society has come,Continue reading “How can Technology help Disability Fitness in the gym”

Disability & The Creativity On The Path

There sometimes appears to be apparent awkwardness towards “inspiration” and disability – it can generate quite a wide range of views on it – inspiring others “despite of” or “overcoming adversity” seems to stir opinion. Here is my take on it. For me, inspiration is an appreciation from others of the creativity shown through theContinue reading “Disability & The Creativity On The Path”

Qualifying ability on my terms…

Getting a swimming badge for effort, in one way, SUCKED. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind attaining it, whether it was because it took me more time or I wasn’t quite ready, but singling me out for sheer effort rather than finding a way to get across the pool for that distance badge neverContinue reading “Qualifying ability on my terms…”

The Disability Bodybuilding Show Podcast

The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show… “Reigniting…With Fortitude!” A few weeks since the gyms reopened, I start to explore the full re-engagement process of my favourite training programme. Coupled with the start of the review of new habits and strategies of goal setting during 2020.

A Blast Back into the Groove…

The sensible approach back into my training was not to try and start lifting at the weight before lockdown, but to find that groove again, using the techniques within the brilliant Fortitude Training programme by Dr Scott Stevenson. I was able to follow a familiar pattern as with my pre-pandemic structure, but 4 months outContinue reading “A Blast Back into the Groove…”

Getting Some Connections Back…

Seeing old friends (from a distance) the weights, the growth, it’s the routine I’ve looking forward to too – This period has become part of the journey – A horrid diversion we didn’t expect – but as the book says “The Obstacle Is The Way” (See Ryan Holiday, it’s a brilliant read). This is aContinue reading “Getting Some Connections Back…”