Motivation Mountains – Breaking down goals into mini movements

We have big goals and dreams. Some will be in touching distance, others maybe so far away that they barely seem reachable….for now. I try to work and improve on my thinking a little more every year when attempting new goals – from my gym work, my career and wider changes. It’s always a learningContinue reading “Motivation Mountains – Breaking down goals into mini movements”

“Daily Practices” – “The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show”

New #Podcast of “The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show” up… “Daily Practices” Recorded in early January, prior to the current lockdown, I wanted to share some of the practices that have helped me in various ways throughout the last few months… The Disability Bodybuilding Show

Finding more time, with ‘less of it…’

On the one hand, I’m ‘busier’ than ever…I’m a Daddy of 2 girls, Husband, Marketing Manager and in my ‘spare time’ I compete in disability bodybuilding competitions… I also want to meditate & write daily – plus read a book a month. I had written these goals down a while back as a result ofContinue reading “Finding more time, with ‘less of it…’”

To do vs To Schedule…The Time Changer…

It was brought to my attention recently by the GREAT author & Success mentor, Darren Hardy,  via his early morning video caffeine shot ‘Darren Daily‘, to rethink my ‘to do listing’. I’ve created a habit at work to allocate time rather than to-do’s which has worked extremely to this point, but Darren’s advice went furtherContinue reading “To do vs To Schedule…The Time Changer…”