What Hemiplegia means to me…

For @Hemihelp’s Hemiplegia Awareness Week, here is my Acrostic piece… Hemiplegia… Has been a challenge, but we all have different challenges in life, my hemiplegia is just one to meet, others have bigger obstacles Even though it was tough growing up with a “different looking hand” I realised by adulthood that your personality defines you,Continue reading “What Hemiplegia means to me…”

Persistence, the last ingredient…

When I started this fitness journey, there were many objectives to achieve that I’ve documented before and at nearly 7 months in, I’m firmly on my way. I knew this path wouldn’t come without its challenges. Given the previous fitness lapses during my early 20’s and being a skinny guy with left sided hemiplegia, butContinue reading “Persistence, the last ingredient…”

Get a grip, don’t lose one

There have been a few challenges along the way – the right plan, the right diet, the body fat percentage that one last rep & beating your PB at different weights. The one barrier that had always frustrated me, no matter how positive my outlook was the ‘limitation’ of grip on my left hand, whichContinue reading “Get a grip, don’t lose one”

“He’ll never play sports?! Yeah right!”

I did it… I completed the Bristol 10k. I was ecstatic to finish the race, having trained well and hoping to see a time in the sub 60 area, I was hopping when I found out I finished in 55 mins 42 secs. Not bad when reminded by my Dad that Doctors told my parentsContinue reading ““He’ll never play sports?! Yeah right!””

The Undeniable Positives Created Within Months of Training…

I’ve seen many a list refer to the positives of working out, getting fitter and providing yourself with a healthier lifestyle. While you have to bring your own reasons to the table as to why you are training or want to train – I enjoy hearing about the benefits of people’s successes. Within 5 monthsContinue reading “The Undeniable Positives Created Within Months of Training…”

Fit Food, Budgets & Time

I love my food. The variety that can be produced even from a few simple basics can feel really creative and I can really understand how chefs become passionate over such things. Equally so athletes gain a huge amount of respect from myself as calculations have to be considered in order to engineer maximum performance.Continue reading “Fit Food, Budgets & Time”

Chin up(s)….It will happen one day.

Another new test this week – I failed too…or did I? I tried something that I’ve always wanted to do, the old pull up on a high platform structure. I’d done well to this point at ab and core strengthening. I’ve been doing some additional reading up on ab workouts recently and decided to giveContinue reading “Chin up(s)….It will happen one day.”

The #Fitfam Army lifting you up…

There are many motivators that grace our week. Be it the PT giving you knowledge and strength or supportive family and friends, there are a large number of people willing you on to succeed and push you. There is a lot of noise when it comes to fitness advice when you’re first starting out andContinue reading “The #Fitfam Army lifting you up…”