Holding Time, Holding Happiness

It’s been a while! Well, over the summer I became a Dad, and I LOVE it. The time, the energy into every waking minute changes your perspective (and your sleeping pattern!!) With the recent weather and the clocks going back, the drizzly mornings and the earlier evenings…. I perhaps would have slumped in the pastContinue reading “Holding Time, Holding Happiness”

A review of Watertight Marketing

A great book, in many ways. Bryony takes you from the foundation of a marketing plan and builds it from the ground up. It’s recommended for business owners, however anyone with a need to start, sharpen the skill set or just wanting a different take on marketing should take note of this publication. The formatContinue reading “A review of Watertight Marketing”

Breaking down the barriers to success…

Mentally… Physically… Emotionally…. Mentally, people have metaphorical walls to climb. That is half the battle – once that is overcome and a physically personal learning process will see people over… The brother of Lewis Hamilton, Nic, is a racing driver in his own right, once told kids ‘it doesn’t matter how you ‘look’ getting overContinue reading “Breaking down the barriers to success…”

How comfortable is your environment?

Can we accept comfortable? What emotions can it invoke? It may make us feel safe and secure – but for how long? Is the state of being comfortable a long term or short term feeling? We’ve got to strive for ‘better’, we have to push our boundaries and carry our determination with us to newContinue reading “How comfortable is your environment?”

Is the service you get real or box ticking BS?

How is your meal? I’ll do that right away! We’ll get that to you by the end of the week. We all encounter statements such as these on a regularly basis – what we get in return depends upon how providers make us feel as a result of their actions. How much value they placeContinue reading “Is the service you get real or box ticking BS?”