Disability Bodybuilding: Preparing for Reality – The Mindset Shift

The reality is this – I haven’t got on stage and competed…yet. BUT…. As I continue to face different challenges about the possibilities ahead, the mind is always there to make or break a session, a week or even a vision. Are you good enough? can you actually do this? My mind is the sameContinue reading “Disability Bodybuilding: Preparing for Reality – The Mindset Shift”

Building the Disability Bodybuilding Mindset: A 12 week Journey…

This should be the easiest blog to write – bloke eats right food, trains hard, loses weight, tries to get into shape….Job Done. BUT it’s the mindset that is much more complex to pen / write down. Putting your trust in a process that you’ve not gone through before can be daunting – The ProteinCardContinue reading “Building the Disability Bodybuilding Mindset: A 12 week Journey…”

500 Miles, 1 Million priceless reasons to feel inspired by Hero’s…

Last weekend I embarked a road trip, it would take in a drive North, to the South and back home to Bristol again – for 4/5 key hours. I’d be invited to attend a “Reaching out to Inspire” Seminar at Steve Johnson’s Tops Gym in Wakefield, a wonderful fitness & rehabilitation centre. Now yes itContinue reading “500 Miles, 1 Million priceless reasons to feel inspired by Hero’s…”

The Great Moose Bake Off Charity Run

So next Sunday I’ll embark on a little stroll around Southampton with a bucket in hand, dressed as a moose. Sounds bizarre at first, but as you may have spotted on my social media, I’ll be running for a great charity, Hemi Help. I thought I would use this piece to explain the background &Continue reading “The Great Moose Bake Off Charity Run”

The battle for muscular balance…

The battle for muscle balance is a key issue for me. I strive for symmetry between left and right like everyone else. However, a major challenge with hemiplegia is the muscle development (or difficulty of) one side of the body. The danger of ignoring this problem is that my right side grows far quicker thanContinue reading “The battle for muscular balance…”

My Fitness Journey – One year on

When I took the decision towards the end of 2013 to ‘get fit before I’m 30’ it was with an idea in place to finally put a structure together to realise a long term dream throughout my 20’s to commit to seeing some muscle and stay healthy. With my 30th in Feb 2015 I wantedContinue reading “My Fitness Journey – One year on”

Stepping up & eating everything on the plate!

It’s about time I posted an update, it’s been a few weeks! Training has stepped up a level. I feel I’ve had the knowledge set by set and my macros were good, however, I wanted to see if I could focus on increasing my weight and muscle mass. I’m at the stage where I canContinue reading “Stepping up & eating everything on the plate!”