The Continued Journey AND a Thank You…

Last week was a fantastic ride of emotions, not least the incredible amount of support and well wishes on my bodybuilding journey. It’s been a fantastic, humbling and in so many many ways, a positive chapter. I was surprised, humbled and above all thankful for such a reaction to my segments about the steps I’mContinue reading “The Continued Journey AND a Thank You…”

The lop-sided man in my mirror….

I took the decision a while back that to reach my potential on both sides of my body I needed to try and drop my self consciousness about the reality that I build muscle much faster on my right then on my left due to hemiplegia and the sheer difference in muscle fibres. It hasContinue reading “The lop-sided man in my mirror….”

We are all dealt a different hand…

What we do with it is down to us… As I look to explain and describe living with hemiplegia – one essence that always dominates how I get around things is the deep understanding of what each side of my body can do. Physically, the biggest difference is the size and movement – in particularContinue reading “We are all dealt a different hand…”

Disability Bodybuilding: Preparing for Reality – The Mindset Shift

The reality is this – I haven’t got on stage and competed…yet. BUT…. As I continue to face different challenges about the possibilities ahead, the mind is always there to make or break a session, a week or even a vision. Are you good enough? can you actually do this? My mind is the sameContinue reading “Disability Bodybuilding: Preparing for Reality – The Mindset Shift”

Building the Disability Bodybuilding Mindset: A 12 week Journey…

This should be the easiest blog to write – bloke eats right food, trains hard, loses weight, tries to get into shape….Job Done. BUT it’s the mindset that is much more complex to pen / write down. Putting your trust in a process that you’ve not gone through before can be daunting – The ProteinCardContinue reading “Building the Disability Bodybuilding Mindset: A 12 week Journey…”

500 Miles, 1 Million priceless reasons to feel inspired by Hero’s…

Last weekend I embarked a road trip, it would take in a drive North, to the South and back home to Bristol again – for 4/5 key hours. I’d be invited to attend a “Reaching out to Inspire” Seminar at Steve Johnson’s Tops Gym in Wakefield, a wonderful fitness & rehabilitation centre. Now yes itContinue reading “500 Miles, 1 Million priceless reasons to feel inspired by Hero’s…”

The Great Moose Bake Off Charity Run

So next Sunday I’ll embark on a little stroll around Southampton with a bucket in hand, dressed as a moose. Sounds bizarre at first, but as you may have spotted on my social media, I’ll be running for a great charity, Hemi Help. I thought I would use this piece to explain the background &Continue reading “The Great Moose Bake Off Charity Run”