The Attachments Episode…

I just LOVE doing these #podcasts, thank you to everyone supporting it, appreciating the feedback, suggestions & subscribing! The Disability Bodybuilding Show Available on #Apple, Spotify & through! It’s only the beginning! I’ve spent a great amount of time trialling and incorporating the different attachments available at the gym to help with training withContinue reading “The Attachments Episode…”

From rejecting help to embracing the unique path…

On this week’s podcast episode… Today, I start to unpick how I began to accept and celebrate my disability and gratefully turn challenges into opportunities to find creativity…from driving to fitness! Subscribe below on Apple or Spotify! The Disability Bodybuilding Show

New podcast episode out now on The Disability Bodybuilding Show…

Reflections on the transition back to the gym, what it means for accessibility in terms of equipment and the building a platform to enter my next disability bodybuilding competition later in the year! Available on Apple & Spotify and through my website, hit subscribe! #Fitness #Podcast #Workout #Podcast #Accessibility #disabilityawareness #PCAARMY #Training #motivation #GameTime #ShockTheSystem

The Disability Bodybuilding Show – New Episode…

A new episode of my #podcast The Disability Bodybuilding Show is up on #Apple & #Spotify! Episode notes… “Physically, I have some different hurdles when bringing various sets into play in my gym, at home or just picking up a weight, but I know, the mindset and approach I can take to it is mineContinue reading “The Disability Bodybuilding Show – New Episode…”

Plans, changes and adaptions – The Disability Bodybuilding Show

On this episode, as we start to view the end of the tunnel from this pandemic, I explore the changes that have been made, the challenges in adapting not just with training but life in general with a disability. What changes could be made after lockdown, what we revert back to from previous routines andContinue reading “Plans, changes and adaptions – The Disability Bodybuilding Show”

“Daily Practices” – “The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show”

New #Podcast of “The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show” up… “Daily Practices” Recorded in early January, prior to the current lockdown, I wanted to share some of the practices that have helped me in various ways throughout the last few months… The Disability Bodybuilding Show

The Disability Bodybuilding Show Podcast

The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show… “Reigniting…With Fortitude!” A few weeks since the gyms reopened, I start to explore the full re-engagement process of my favourite training programme. Coupled with the start of the review of new habits and strategies of goal setting during 2020.