Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….

That’s right folks, it’s a key part of the prep to get your skin ready for the show tan which makes perfect sense. Little did I think I’d be going out and buying a body scrub & butter when I started the journey 18 months ago.

There have been elements of detail on this ride which I hadn’t contemplated but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get it – you worked so hard to present your best, you need to add the cherry on the top and leave no stone unturned to be ready. The driving force behind all of this is to test my will, can I do it? Have I got it in me to put my mind, body and soul through this?  The 3 go hand & hand – Testing the the body’s limit, building day by day – repeatedly reminding yourself in those ‘desperate’ moments you can still up, questioning is that all you have to give and THAT subsequently transcends far beyond the gym.  too.

One of the most pleasing and surprising aspects is how I’ve taken to meditation, using it to bring clarity my day ahead and channelling in what I want to achieve. 

The finer details such exfoliating the skin, going to such lengths like even shaving my forearms 😂 and eating broccoli for breakfast for the last 14 weeks are just parts of a huge picture that has yes taken over a a significant part of my life for a time, but the lessons learnt, drive and push I know I could potentially apply to anything I want to achieve makes that decision to try even sweeter…

Published by Matt Elson

Bringing you the latest in not only my personal journal into the world of disability Bodybuilding, but a discovery into latest events, profiles, news and promoting awareness of this great sport Based in Bristol in the UK, I’ve been competing in Disability Bodybuilding for the last 3 years in a journey which has taken me all over the country to national, international & world championships and I am so so grateful for that opportunity that had changed my life. Living with Cerebal Palsy has its challenges, but everyone has their individual hurdles to negotiate. Gaining strength both physically & mentally and adapting to the surrounding is all part of this journey. This is a mission to raise awareness, to promote our great category to develop opportunities for others. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss more!

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