Making plans and help at the end of the tunnel…

It’s there. The path to reach out to. When I started to construct this piece, I had the end of lockdown in mind, how we are facing the end of the pandemic. What further help could we provide out of this crisis as we plan today and for tomorrow in respect of training… What struckContinue reading “Making plans and help at the end of the tunnel…”

Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?

In more ways than one… Being physically flexible has presented its challenges through the years, learning there are just some things that (I physically) cannot do! However, that doesn’t distract from the shining light of CAN be done, it’s the never ending search to find the way. “Traditionally” playing the guitar for one (I justContinue reading “Flexibility….The Biggest Challenge?”

My Disability isn’t up to me. My discipline and desire however…

I’ve been trying to unpick the difficulties/challenges of the lockdown, particularly in relation to training. On the one hand is this massive set of restrictions, an inability to access the set up you’ve created and used for so long. On the other is an opportunity of reconstruction of the previous routine structure. My mindset hasContinue reading “My Disability isn’t up to me. My discipline and desire however…”

“Daily Practices” – “The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show”

New #Podcast of “The #Disability #Bodybuilding Show” up… “Daily Practices” Recorded in early January, prior to the current lockdown, I wanted to share some of the practices that have helped me in various ways throughout the last few months… The Disability Bodybuilding Show

Finding the one thing…

Finding that one thing you can do, be it part of a routine, throughout any tier – be that at gym, or at home to keep a sense of a habit can really really help. During lockdowns, different tiers/levels and restrictions I’ve tried so many different things to test new habits or work out adaptionsContinue reading “Finding the one thing…”

How can Technology help Disability Fitness in the gym

Access is getting better and great commitments have been made across the fitness industry to cater for all abilities, from people at the start of their fitness journey to those some way down the road. However, how much further can it go and how? By this I reflect back to how far society has come,Continue reading “How can Technology help Disability Fitness in the gym”

Disability & The Creativity On The Path

There sometimes appears to be apparent awkwardness towards “inspiration” and disability – it can generate quite a wide range of views on it – inspiring others “despite of” or “overcoming adversity” seems to stir opinion. Here is my take on it. For me, inspiration is an appreciation from others of the creativity shown through theContinue reading “Disability & The Creativity On The Path”

Training Reaction – Home v Gym…

Like many, I was faced with a range of emotions when lockdown hit. Here I’m reflecting on the changes in approach to training specifically, but it cannot be unsaid that it wasn’t  right at top of priority when we were told to stay at home. However, one of the biggest lessons out of this environmentContinue reading “Training Reaction – Home v Gym…”

Resting Resting 1 2 3…

Taking stock where you want to go is as good as the delivery of action. “Rest day”* presented itself with two opportunities… 1) The need to food prep the night before as with the rest of the week could be relaxed AND 2) The mechanical alarm didn’t need to be set A 9 hour sleepContinue reading “Resting Resting 1 2 3…”