The Bristol Disabled Bodybuilder Tour!!

Having competed for the 1st time in April at the PCA Saxon Classic, placing 3rd and receiving an invite to the British Finals in June, my love for the sport is as strong as ever & my journey has grown! The desire to get on stage in Stafford for the Saxon was indeed intended toContinue reading “The Bristol Disabled Bodybuilder Tour!!”

Entering the World of Competitive Disabled Bodybuilding…

On Sunday 2nd April I achieved a goal that, at first thought, had been dreamt up 2 years in my mind to reach a pinnacle in my fitness journey. In fact, at around 3pm that day – I let go, of every single no, rejection & hurtful remark regarding my disability ever thrown in myContinue reading “Entering the World of Competitive Disabled Bodybuilding…”

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….

That’s right folks, it’s a key part of the prep to get your skin ready for the show tan which makes perfect sense. Little did I think I’d be going out and buying a body scrub & butter when I started the journey 18 months ago. There have been elements of detail on this rideContinue reading “Exfoliate! Exfoliate! And other things I didn’t expect with bodybuilding….”