Harnessing Day One…Every Day

That new programme, the fresh start, the comeback? The leap, the drive, the impetus….The Springboard. Whatever the reason for your Day One, it just feels good, right? I love a Day One, but I’m aware of the importance of trying to attach the right approach to it, a plan to enable that feeling to thrive,Continue reading “Harnessing Day One…Every Day”

Post-Lockdown – Moving back in, piece by piece…

We’re almost there. In just over a week the gyms in England will reopen. We’ve been here before, but as I found last time out, getting the routines back isn’t as easy as switching a light on… Here’s why (and what I’m planning next week) Back in June 2020, there was huge excitement – itsContinue reading “Post-Lockdown – Moving back in, piece by piece…”

Finding the one thing…

Finding that one thing you can do, be it part of a routine, throughout any tier – be that at gym, or at home to keep a sense of a habit can really really help. During lockdowns, different tiers/levels and restrictions I’ve tried so many different things to test new habits or work out adaptionsContinue reading “Finding the one thing…”

Use what you can…A new concept?

We started with nothing. Before we took the gym membership, what access did we have? before we started reading the books, what knowledge had we gained? There’s that delicate balance of not spending too long looking back on what was, searching for what could be better and being present to what is front of youContinue reading “Use what you can…A new concept?”

Back to the Bar (No, not the Pub!)…

To build it up, you gotta break it down. Whether it’s training, work or even writing a blog*- is it easy to break things back down to such extent after building a robust system? Or was that system too robust in the first place. In training terms, is it right to sometimes take it rightContinue reading “Back to the Bar (No, not the Pub!)…”