Start with a Habit….

A habit isn’t a one off, unique event. Ever wanted to ‘get’ into one or ‘back’ into one? It has to start at a particular point. Whatever the situation, spark or nature of your starting position, like a steam train, there is a push…then another, then another. In one of my favourites books (which isContinue reading “Start with a Habit….”

Forecast showering on your parade?

Hearing descriptions of the weather not only from forecasters but the public in general is enough to keep some people indoors because they were told it’s ‘depressing’ Depressing for whom I wonder? I tweeted this week about the opinions of weather being a state of mind. It is all to easy to get swept toContinue reading “Forecast showering on your parade?”

50 reasons to buy a cracker…

No, it’s not Christmas in my household yet…Ladies & Gents I’m talking about ‘50 reasons why‘….the book that should be purchased & kept close at hand for a fabulous array of positive messages, musings & goal setting by the wonderful Kirsty Champion.For For those of you that have not yet had the pleasure of communicatingContinue reading “50 reasons to buy a cracker…”

Lets not go Back to the Future Gloom…

I am loving the euphoric tones of the Olympic coverage this Summer. It’s had my attention from the opening ceremony, for being such a rousing merriment of the best of human endeavour. The event has been superb ,…one that has led many to commentate it ‘has lifted the mood of the nation’. The games haveContinue reading “Lets not go Back to the Future Gloom…”

Furgol Found his Way…..

Everyone loves an underdog, a comeback, an unexpected win, but who determines success? Society? organisations who set the standard? Or is it the individual who set themselves a personal goal? American Ed Furgol had an accident in his youth fusing his left arm leaving him with a “crooked” hand. In a fantastic story which someContinue reading “Furgol Found his Way…..”

Why a Patron? The start of the journey…..

Patron: The definition is that of an individual or a group that effectively ‘supports’ or ‘sponsors’ that cause.. well, here are my first few public steps into making that happen. The engine behind this blog set up is a passion, a state of being – a way of looking not just at stand alone texts,Continue reading “Why a Patron? The start of the journey…..”