How comfortable is your environment?

Can we accept comfortable? What emotions can it invoke? It may make us feel safe and secure – but for how long? Is the state of being comfortable a long term or short term feeling? We’ve got to strive for ‘better’, we have to push our boundaries and carry our determination with us to newContinue reading “How comfortable is your environment?”

Is the service you get real or box ticking BS?

How is your meal? I’ll do that right away! We’ll get that to you by the end of the week. We all encounter statements such as these on a regularly basis – what we get in return depends upon how providers make us feel as a result of their actions. How much value they placeContinue reading “Is the service you get real or box ticking BS?”

Defeatist?! Nah, I’m Ryding on the crest of a wave –

A wonderful highlights package of European Golf’s 2012 Ryder Cup victory, a comeback of all comebacks, really struck a cord with me and not just because I’m a sporting nut. There’s something revealing about the human spirit when faced with an impending loss. A determination takes over which is more complex than the ‘fight orContinue reading “Defeatist?! Nah, I’m Ryding on the crest of a wave –”

Blurry Weekend?…No, Not the Booze!…

In what ways does your weekend become blurred in terms of the typical work / life balance? The ability to connect with customers can extend beyond the 9-5. How clear is the distinction between the office and home (it maybe both in your own case) It’s easy not to ‘switch off’ at all in theContinue reading “Blurry Weekend?…No, Not the Booze!…”

Anticipation is a choice…

How often to we get excited about something? Today, two sporting teams I follow (Bristol City & The England rugby tram) go toe to toe with rivals in ‘do or die’ matches… See, I built my own anticipation there, I surround myself with people who are equally excited. Family who are coming over to watchContinue reading “Anticipation is a choice…”

Do you REALLY believe in your Art?

I’ve just finished Seth Godin’s ‘The Icarus Deception’ – being a fan of Godin, it was an easy purchase. However, it really has left a mark, not just today, but with what I intend to do with my ‘art’. It has made me think, do I believe in my craft, not just the outcome ofContinue reading “Do you REALLY believe in your Art?”