It’s been a while, does that mean there haven’t been any positive to report? No! Quite the opposite..

A new job in an industry promoting personal development has emerged and it’s been the main focus over the last few weeks and I’m loving it. I’ve seen first hand the journeys people go on to stretch themselves, and it’s been eye opening.

I’ve got back into running recently and that has given me a new perspective on stretching your mind during fitness sessions, which as a result can really stretch the body. Constantly telling yourself that as long as your got air in your lungs, the ability to make your legs lift, you’re half way there and it’s also aiding other parts of my fitness!

Im Loving it…. Il ask you now, what’s happily stretching you today?

Love life people.

A review of Watertight Marketing

A great book, in many ways.

Bryony takes you from the foundation of a marketing plan and builds it from the ground up.

It’s recommended for business owners, however anyone with a need to start, sharpen the skill set or just wanting a different take on marketing should take note of this publication.

The format of looking at potential ‘leaks’ in your marketing, thinking about your messages, audiences and how to apply strategy gives it a good structure throughout.

Case studies pull expertise and analysis of what works across a range of firms and industries which bring even more value into the mix.

The book also cleverly outlines a journey of a fictional firm, that binds the theory together. All in all, it makes for a very enjoyable and worthwhile read!

Breaking down the barriers to success…


Mentally, people have metaphorical walls to climb. That is half the battle – once that is overcome and a physically personal learning process will see people over…

The brother of Lewis Hamilton, Nic, is a racing driver in his own right, once told kids ‘it doesn’t matter how you ‘look’ getting over that wall, just get over it!!’

I was told that I wouldn’t physically be able to play sports. I found my way of building strength by playing my own style of rugby, I play golf – breaking down the physical barriers is something people just do.

When it comes to emotion it can mean finding that motivation, that determination to test what you can achieve, not bring afraid to make mistakes. The fear of trying something new, pushing your known limits, drive you to higher places.

Once you embrace that fear, and accept it then you can succeed. A fine current example for me has been my concern of how to hold a baby properly and how can I change a full nappy one handed?

I’ll find my own way, I’ll adapt and if I end up with egg or literally something a little more smelly on my face the first time – I’ll know how to do it better the second and so on.

I see people using these methods everyday, using their own style, in life and in business. The book I’m reading the ‘talent code’ explains that we have to make mistakes ourselves, to actually produce the links in our minds through practice to succeed at a sport or pastime.

How do you break down barriers?

How comfortable is your environment?

Can we accept comfortable? What emotions can it invoke?

It may make us feel safe and secure – but for how long? Is the state of being comfortable a long term or short term feeling?

We’ve got to strive for ‘better’, we have to push our boundaries and carry our determination with us to new heights…

Why? Because if we sit and aspire to be comfortable, sooner or later, things will pass us by and sure enough, you may eventually find yourself lagging behind…

Look up & Keep on moving.

Is the service you get real or box ticking BS?

How is your meal?
I’ll do that right away!
We’ll get that to you by the end of the week.

We all encounter statements such as these on a regularly basis – what we get in return depends upon how providers make us feel as a result of their actions.

How much value they place on your custom AND your experience can make all the difference.

Much can be argued on getting things done right and making sure they’ve exceeded expectations but at the heart of it, lies the emotion of how connected we are to a business/service.

Personally, I’ll return to a venue based upon not just the food but the experience I get as a whole (exception being the footy – I’ll go whether we win lose or draw)

The food may be amazing, the coffee may be the best I’ve had but if the experience isn’t great it’s unlikely I’ll be back. That said if mistakes have been made – and rectified to the point where it’s not the first thing I think of when giving an opinion of said venue, I’m likely to return.

The product is half the battle – the service is that other magical 50%.

Talent, is it grown?

I’ve just picked up a new book ‘The Talent Code’ by Daniel Coyle, which looks into whether talent is born or can it really be grown?

I’ll review it when finished. The text intrigued me as a report into how much of a gift is ‘given’ at the start of life as opposed to the individual working hard and grafting it into an art-form through persistence.

It’s certainly posing a great question and a good study. I’m a strong believer in the nurturing of skill through consistently looking at adaptions of a challenge presented to you as an individual or a group.

Any thoughts?


Emeli Sandé…

Full of Wonder….

We ain’t falling under…

Those lines above have transfixed me in the evenings recently. After long admiring her ‘hits’, I purchased Emeli’s album ‘our version of events’. Having heard her beautiful tones grace the Olympics and various award ceremonies it was great to finally sit back and peacefully listen to her art.

I was particularly fond of her song Wonder. Transmitting a song of strength and endearment it’s a fantastic piece to listen to. The power of music can invoke such a positive vibe and expression, I think that is the beauty of so many tracks on her album.

Whatever your taste(s) musically (mine are, like others, are so varied) it is easy to understand how a talent can leave a lasting impression from a few followers to a huge group of loyal fans.


What do you think of when you hear this word?

The beauty to me is that it will produce different answers from everyone, it’s very personal and very emotive.

Like happiness, it can be difficult to measure – but if you approach a love or a challenge to overcome with a enthusiastic will to achieve that outcome for yourself or for others…

you’re half way there.

Defeatist?! Nah, I’m Ryding on the crest of a wave –

A wonderful highlights package of European Golf’s 2012 Ryder Cup victory, a comeback of all comebacks, really struck a cord with me and not just because I’m a sporting nut.

There’s something revealing about the human spirit when faced with an impending loss. A determination takes over which is more complex than the ‘fight or flight’ theory. It has more to do with the digging in, never say die mental attitude.

Staring defeat in the face, it could be easy to throw the towel in, but there is a very emotive power that can dispel all that. Belief in your ability.

Yes, it’s not life or death, but the qualities displayed last year, so brilliantly brought back to my consciousness through the DVD, can resonate so much when you need it most.

To Win 8.5 points with only 12 available on the final day envoked a mental calmness in the players knowledge that they just needed to play their purest game and believe.

And that they did, defied the odds, becoming the stuff of legends and a shining example of not ever knowing when you’re defeated.

In sport and as in life, never give up.

Just Because…

Visiting a well known Portuguese restaurant which serve a variety of spicy chicken, I knew exactly what I was gonna get… Quick, quality food which is pretty good value too.

When asked the obligatory “how is everything with your food?” you give the same answer, “everything’s A OK thanks” and then you get on with your meal. Except this time was different…a quick comment stating that the place had never let us down, turned into one of the nicest gestures I have been witness to in the restaurant trade…

Two minutes later, same lady arrives with a ‘chicken cheque’, a voucher for two meals of the same value for when we next visit just to say thanks for taking the time for giving them that positive feedback – now THAT, ladies and gentlemen is service.

I got some bloody good food, in return they get a loyal customer… Simple as that.

Thanks Nando’s…. we’ll be back, again & again.