Lets not go Back to the Future Gloom…

I am loving the euphoric tones of the Olympic coverage this Summer. It’s had my attention from the opening ceremony, for being such a rousing merriment of the best of human endeavour.

The event has been superb ,…one that has led many to commentate it ‘has lifted the mood of the nation’.

The games have been a marvellous feat that has generated huge amount of ‘feel good stories’ ….celebrated achievements, personal bests & courageous fight backs.

Moreover, it has exemplified what can happen through hard work & dedication to an ultimate individual or team objective.

As a positive consequence my average Television viewing has increased early in the morning & later in the evening as I get my Olympic quota & will delightfully look forward to doing the same during the Paralympics.

However, it’s a reminder that as this celebration of achievements draws to a close, I’m all too aware that the daily numbing TV will return, so back to other engaging and positive items like creative reads!

I have many inspiring objectives to achieve personally which has led to a deliberate lack of time allocated in the calendar to sit and watch television…be it reality tv or blanket rolling news about the state of the economy (awareness, yes….but 24 hour coverage? Over analysis!)

U.S authors Jeffrey Gitomer & Darren Hardy have both written about how individuals should think about how tv is contributing to their success (or lack of it!) It has certainly helped me assess how much I’ve watched in the last year & what it’s worth by asking …a) IS this contributing to my success? & b) how is this impacting in my life in a positive way?

So, I will happily sit (for a little while at least) and catch the last remaining highlights of what has been a tremendous celebration of human sporting achievement, granted not everyone loves sport but it’s given me even more inspiration to get out there, reach for the stars and achieve my personal goals.

How has the coverage of the games over the last few weeks inspired you?

Furgol Found his Way…..

Everyone loves an underdog, a comeback, an unexpected win, but who determines success? Society? organisations who set the standard? Or is it the individual who set themselves a personal goal?

American Ed Furgol had an accident in his youth fusing his left arm leaving him with a “crooked” hand. In a fantastic story which some would imagine being the stuff of Hollywood legend, Furgol took up golf to help with the ‘disability’ (society’s term, probably not Furgol’s!) & by adopting his own grip & swing, he went on to become a major champion winning the US Open in 1954, along with 6 other PGA Tour titles during his career.

So, Why do I love this story? Not just because of his comeback from adversity, which has made his win famous…but because of his attitude.

The ability & determination to find his own innovative way to play the game is the highlight. It is proof that golf is not just about a series of powerful ball striking but also having the imagination to uniquely fashion your personal stance to proppell the ball hundreds of yards ahead of you.

We can all take heart in his achievements. Furgol discovered his talent not by developing an ‘unconventional’ route, rather, it was his interpretation of a successful combination of movements that got him to his goal.

There are many components you could attribute to a win or even personal success…. It can take time, you may need to be patience & you will need practice…but it is waiting to be achieved.

To quote a classic line from Henry Ford ‘whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right’ Furgol found his way…what’s yours?

Why a Patron? The start of the journey…..

Patron: The definition is that of an individual or a group that effectively ‘supports’ or ‘sponsors’ that cause.. well, here are my first few public steps into making that happen.

The engine behind this blog set up is a passion, a state of being – a way of looking not just at stand alone texts, events or inspiring quotes, but being able to share the experiences that harmonise those feelings that create happiness & promote self-development & worth.

I draw on many sources… not least from those in my ‘influential authors’ list & my ‘off the bookshelf’ section but also from the connections I’ve made, the people I meet & for believing in the age-old mantra of the ‘glass being half full’…

THIS, ladies & gentleman is the start of a journey documenting the things that make us smile, thinking positively about your life experiences while getting out & about meeting the people who make it happen!

All the best for now….